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What is CryoSkincare? 
Cryoskincare is a hidden ice gem which is formulated in Switzerland and has been a celebrity secret until now. CryoSkincare delivers outstanding results within minutes, creating a youthful smooth appearance, eliminating wrinkles and tightening the pores without using damaging ingredients such as parabens, alcohol, perfumes or silicone. The CryoSkincare system is 100% natural using two strains of plant stem cells to regenerate your skin, combining its purities with freezing temperatures of -20°C. 
CryoCool Lifting Gun Ice Facial 
An anti-ageing, lifting "ice cold facial". The CryoCoolifting gun in addition to the Cryosglobe generating an immediate lifting effect, smoothing the skin, eliminatingsuperficial wrinkles and reducing deep wrinkles, followed by a lasting rejuvenating effect. Ideal for a facial boost for a special occasion. 
£75.00 per session (course of 8 recommended £550) 
Cryopen Cryosthenics 
Advanced cryotherapy treatment for the fast, effective and safe removal of skin tags, sun spots, cherry angioma, milia, age spotes, warts and viral verrucae. 
Price on consultation 
NEW - Lipocontrast 
Lipocontrast delivers rapid results by heating, cooling and heating the fat cells, reducing body fat without damage or using invasive methods. 33% of the treated fast tissue will be eliminated and gradually broken down through the metabolic system. approximately 80% of the visible result will be visible within 20 days. 
Main areas where Lipocontrast can target: 
Flanks, upper and lower abdomen, back, thighs, knees, man boobs, arms and double chin. 
Fast superior fat reductioncompared with normal cryolisis procedures 
Increased effectiveness on fibrous fat 
Avoids traumatic experiences of invasive methods such as liposuction 
Prevents contiguous tissue damage that occurs with radio-frequency, ultrasound or lasers 
60 Mins per area £100 
1-3 treatements required per area 
Tratement packages avaialble on request 
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